i feel like this is so messy


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so go ahead and tell me that im not a goddess

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Happy birthday Amy, the world shines less bright and the music industry is less colourful without you. 

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sad thing is even if victoria manages to get to the final 2 she will most likely still lose because she "didnt play the game"


I said I wasn’t gonna do one but I just hit 1200 followers on here not to long ago and considering I had to completely remake my bb blog right before bbcan2, I feel pretty accomplished with myself, but anyways enough about me everyone else is doing one of these so I figure why not give some of my favorite blogs the shout outs they rightfully deserve,

I’m gonna do this in 2 parts, the first part will be the people I’ve actually known the longest since about late summer last year, although these people and I always dragged each other and tried to destroy one another in the stupid game known as bbmafia, they made post bb15 blogging on here entertaining and they’re all just so iconic and no matter what stupid fights we had in the past I consider you all my closest friends like family on here and I just really appreciate you all so <3

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Ok next is everyone else who I just absolutely love you, love your blog, you’re all pretty great people whether we’re mutuals or not, whether we talk or not, I absolutely adore your blogs and just have mad respect for each and every one of you and so thank you so much for blogging and making my dash a brighter place too <3

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wowzers i didnt realize how many blogs I followed let alone really liked, im so so sorry if i forgot you on this list but it took me so long to make sure i got everyone on it, so just thank you all for making my time on the tumblr dot com really fun for the most part and especially to my mutuals if you’ve stayed a follow even through all my messiness, you’re all very much appreciated and yeah i love you all <3

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Acadian Party hennys what are you doing this afternoon? 💋


Acadian Party hennys what are you doing this afternoon? 💋


Rose Tyler Appreciation Week

↳ day one: moment you fell in love with rose

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christine is the last hope what the fuck????????

"but just for the next hour"